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Tiit Kikas was born 16 October 1975 in Tallinn.

At the ripe old age of 4 Tiit had already begun to disturb his neighbours with violin practice. By the age of 5, having also taken up piano lessons, Tiit managed to destroy any and all of his parents aspirations that he might become something other than a musician…
By the early 90′s Tiit’s deep interest in the native music of various nations – especially traditional Irish violin music – had formed. In the year 1994 he took up the electric violin which has now become his main instrument. During the years 1995-1996 Tiit went on a journey of self-improvement at the Sibelius Academy in Finland.
Tiit Kikas has played in many different styles and with a multitude of bands and artists both in Estonia and abroad. In addition to the fantastic experience of studio work with various artists, he has also composed music for movies, theatre and original TV and Radio productions.
He has been nominated for the “Suur Vanker” prize as the best arranger and the best instrumentalist of the year. The album of Kirile Loo “Lullabies for Husbands” which has been arranged and produced by Tiit Kikas, stayed in the TOP 20 of the European World Music Chart for three months. The album “Dagö”, arranged by Tiit Kikas, won the first prize as the best estonian folk album of the year. He has composed and arranged the music of the interval act of Eurovision Music Contest in the year 2002.
Among his latest works is music for the featurefilm “Shop of Dreams”, theatre soundtrack “Genoom” at City Theatre, the great success of summer performance “Music of Big Machines” with No Big Silence at Leigo Lake Music and solo album “String Theory”.
Despite of  his considerable experience with bands and studiowork his true calling and aspiration is still the solo performance. Having worked for years on elaborating his technique and in creating new and strange sounds has resulted in his undoubtedly recognizable and peculiar fiddle playing.